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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Isaac Hayes III, Founder, and CEO of Fanbase,


Isaac Hayes III, Founder, and CEO of Fanbase, the subscription-based social platform that empowers creators to monetize content, is on your radar as you work on any stories highlighting Black creators.

As you know, the creator economy continues to expand and flourish in our technology-focused world. However, the Black community often faces disparities despite their culture giving extreme value to apps like TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and many others through their dances, songs, and trends.

Fanbase's platform offerings empower all creators to monetize their content and grow their fanbase, standing as the only social platform that has monetized audio rooms in addition to monetization across the rest of the platform. These tools work to upend disparities in the market - many times experienced by Black creators trying to build their own wealth in the tech industry.

Isaac Hayes III has adamantly spoken out on Black culture’s impact on mainstream media and how that’s reflected in the way creators get paid.  Isaac created Fanbase to help bridge the equity gap in the social media space and recreate Black wealth.  


Isaac Hayes III is available to talk about:

  • Why monetization is essential to upending disparities in the influencer economy
  • His journey from the music industry to creating Fanbase while also breaking new records as the first Black man to raise $3.5M on StartEngine
  • Insight on Black culture’s impact on social media trends
  • And more

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