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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

August 8th is National CBD Day,

Summer R&R Delivered with National CBD Day

August 8th is National CBD Day, America’s most relaxed holiday. 

CBD is a great alternative for those looking to explore the restorative and relieving effects of plant medicine without the psychoactive effects typically associated with THC products. 

Pair your National CBD Day relaxation with your pick of these leading CBD products!
For a serene experience without breaking the bank, Platinum’s CBD pre-rolls are a great addition to your National CBD Day festivities. A smokeable yet non-psychoactive alternative to your traditional THC joint, Platinum’s CBD pre-rolls are carefully sourced and extracted from the highest quality, USA-grown hemp. Crafted with the same high quality as their cannabis products, Platinum’s CBD pre-rolls are third-party tested and pesticide-free for your safe consumption. Available in five different strains, Platinum’s CBD Prerolls retail for $14.40. 

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Get ready to feel premium quality in just one drop with 22Red’s CBD tinctures. Perfect on its own or in your favorite foods or drinks, 22Red’s CBD tinctures are made with pure CBD isolate extracted from premium, USA-grown hemp. Relief best suited for any time of day, these CBD tinctures are a potent, non-psychoactive way to celebrate National CBD Day. Free of pesticides, solvents, and heavy metals, 22Red’s CBD Tinctures are available in unflavored and Watermelon/Mint flavors and retail for $80 per bottle. 

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This CBD day, level up your experience with Meli Botanicals. Meli's varieties are aimed at targeting things like pain, anxiety, and sleep, with each formula infused with the appropriate herbs to really drive the cause home. For example, their sleep aide is combined with Valeria Root for the ultimate escape hatch into a restful slumber. Meli's products come in two versions: non THC and whole plant (full spectrum’s beefed-up cousin). Available in tinctures, edibles, and topical creams, Meli Botanicals is here to save the day in the holistic fashion you’ve been waiting for. Meli Botanicals

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