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Thursday, December 2, 2021



Dont believe the hype when it comes to the finances and spending power of the African American and Afro-Latino population in the United States of America our community spends trillions of dollars year after year. 

But the sad part is that our money only circulates six hours in the African-American community, compared to 20 days in a Jewish community and 30 days in an Asian community (updated, January 25). 

Now with the holiday season upon us with #BlackFriday leading the way we have the opportunity to support US Black-owned businesses #BuyBlack Friday Show and one way to discover those brands is to check out Facebook Shop tab, hosted by NY Times best-selling author, journalist, and television host, Elaine Welteroth, with new episodes every Friday in November — . 

More than 15 million people tuned into the show last holiday season, which includes Live Shopping experiences that celebrate Black culture and feature Black-owned small b

usinesses and creators. This year, #BuyBlack Friday will be global with programming kicking off in Brazil and Australia this month.

Here is part one of a six-part series of my annual Holiday Gift Guide. Ive tried all of these products and these are the ones that made my list.


Vitamix One —

Self-love begins with care and as part of marking its 100th anniversary, Vitamix® launched the Vitamix ONE™ (May 2021) which is the smaller-format blender designed for those just starting on their wellness journey. The Vitamix ONE™ delivers smoothies, dips, and sauces with the superior blend quality and intuitive use that all Vitamix fans are accustomed to. Vitamix ONE gives more people access to the brands iconic quality and makes whole-food nutrition simple and affordable.


Following the success of the Food Processor Attachment and Immersion Blender launch in 2020, Vitamix® just introduced a new line of accessories to accompany each product. 

These accessories expand the productsapplications and provide more ways for home chefs to embrace whole-food cooking. 

The new line of Immersion Blender ( and Food Processor Attachment (FPA) accessories includes:

Immersion Blender Whisk – Gives ultimate control to powerfully whisk, allowing you to effortlessly whip aquafaba, batters, meringues, eggs, cream, and more in minutes.

Immersion Blender Storage Case – Keeps the Immersion Blender neatly organized in kitchen cabinets or for cooking away from home.

Immersion Blending Jar – Efficiently moves ingredients through the blades of a uniquely shaped 32-ounce jar for consistent, high-quality blends.

Immersion Blender Mini-Chopper – Easily chops or purées up to three cups at a time. The cup (lid included) doubles as a convenient storage container.


Is it time for a new way of eating? If the answer is yes, take a look at GreenChef, where you choose one of three different meal plans - Keto + Paleo, Plant-Powered, or Balanced Living. Friday:  


Hey grown-ups, you deserve a great night's sleep. Go on. Treat yourself with Zoey Sleep. A customizable pillow with the perfect amount of comfort and head and neck support. Back and neck pain in the morning is caused by an unaligned spine, so the curvature of this pillow puts head and neck support first. Add and remove shredded memory foam for the ultimate sleeping experience. Its curved design contours to your shoulder, centering your head on the pillow. 100% hypoallergenic, consisting of lyocell fibers made from sustainable woods such as eucalyptus, oak, and birchwood. Free from toxins and chemicals. Comes with a lyocell cover that is airy, breathable, and machine-washable. @zoeysleep 


Hybrid Watches and Steel HR Sport  

Chic and uber fashionable, thats the best way to describe the Steel HR and Steel HR Sport watches which can monitor sleep, activity, and overall health from anywhere. The hybrid smartwatch moves with users – from the office to the gym, to the pool, and back home. It is available with a leather, woven, or silicone band and includes the following features:

Activity and sleep tracking. Heart rate monitoring. Fitness Level assessment via VO2 Max estimation. Connected GPS. Battery lasts up to 25 days. Water resistance up to 50m. Smartphone notifications. In-depth metrics in the Health Mate App.

Morphée —

Morphée is a sleep and meditation aid and may hold the key to a 

restful night's sleep and is designed as a non-digital, portable device that combines the best meditation and sophrology techniques.

Make an Impression this holiday. We suggest …. 


Bridgewater Chocolate is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this beloved brand for American-style chocolates and confections are made with European techniques by Swedish Chef Erik Landegren. The assortments are the perfect melange of toffees, caramels, and nuts in the finest blends of milk and dark chocolate. There are several different sizes of samplers that can be seen here as the 10 piece assortment for $24.95, the 19 piece assortment for $46.95, the 38 pieces for $88.95, 108 pieces for $212.95, and more. 

MyBevi —

The new Napa Tumbler by MyBevi is the perfect beverage companion for any season. Fill it up with your favorite wine or enjoy a latte that stays at just the right temperature. Unique design with eight flat panels for a seriously comfortable grip The 12 oz. tumbler can be used for any type of beverage or cocktail. Vacuum insulated featuring an 18/8 304 premium grade stainless steel, providing extended and maintained temperature retention for beverages both hot and cold. Made with BPA-free materials available in black, white, turquoise, and pink. 


I am in love with Pocketalk which is a multi-sensory two-way translation device that utilizes the best translation engines around the world to provide a consistently accurate experience across 82 languages, including localized dialects and slang. It has a large touchscreen and noise-canceling microphones. Check out: Pocketalk Plus , Pocketalk S, and Pocketalk Classic 




I promise you that you will fall in love with this globally sourced and handcrafted artisanal suite of natural beauty oils and bathing botanicals, made in Brooklyn, New York. Shaun Leon Bath & Beautys oil blends, bath teas, and salt soaks are formulated from natural oils, minerals, and herbs. Handcrafted to ensure effectiveness and embody the belief that ingredients derived from nature are agents of wellness and self-care.


The founders – Leona and Shaunya Hartley, a mother and daughter team understand that all skin types can experience dry skin, understand that those issues tend to show on Black and darker skin tones faster. Shaun Leon is one of the few bath and body collections formulated specifically for the needs of Black and darker skin. Their products create the suppleness that customers are looking for and are meant to absorb quickly. 




They are Oakcha — a new luxury in the world of fragrances. People think that high-end fragrances are just for special occasions, but they believe why not every day so they removed the traditional markups and they have new drops every month. They know their stuff and started their early days selling perfume compounds and now they have expanded to making Colognes and Perfumes for your everyday life. The aroma and staying power is lush and they work closely with their in-house perfumery where they spent years perfecting their craft. $39.95

Maison Margielas Replicas AUTUMN VIBES —

AUTUMN VIBESs bottle is influenced by the look of classic apothecary jars, the luxe bottle has a cotton label with black-ink text and a unique pump wrapped with rope as an homage to the original couture line. Adding the power of the memory, the Polaroid photograph, of leaves printed on the carton, matches the woody fragrance within. Its inspired by a breath of fresh air and the provenance and period is Montreal, 2018. The style description is memory in a fragrance. 

By The Fire” by Maison Margiela (Paris) —

The fragrance designers at Maison Margiela have one goal, and that is to replicate scents that create a mood and moments from varying locations and periods. BY THE FIRE can conjure images of roasted marshmallows and the subtle hint of grilled chestnuts. The provenance and period is Chamonix, 1971. The fragrance description is burning wood and chestnuts. The style is described as made for females and males.



The key is a spectrum of color and AVIEW is built upon the creative premise of seeing the world differently. With their innovative and disruptive patent-pending slip-in lenses, you can easily go from seeing the world through yellow lenses to rose to blue, black, brown, green, and back again. The year was 1665. The disruptor was Isaac Newton. The innovation was modern color theory.” Inspired by Isaac Newton passing white light through a prism, AVIEW created interchangeable lenses so that as your emotive spectrum changes throughout the day, so can your lens color. 

#AVIEW #withAview #CustomizeUrEyes #FreeTheWayYouSee #InterchangeableSunglasses are some of our favorites!

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