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Friday, July 1, 2022

Efren Ramirez ’s ‘Diaz’ a Latino In Space in Pixar's ‘Lightyear’now in theaters!

Efren Ramirez s Diaza Latino In Space in Pixar's Lightyear’now in theaters!

Efren Ramirez ("Napoleon Dynamite”) is having the time of his life. Currently, the very gifted thespian is voicing Diazin Lightyear” which comes out on June 17th.

His name might not be easily recognizable but you know the charming face. He played Pedro in "Napoleon Dynamite” creating one of those signature characters that just resonates.  Hes also appeared in "Mad Families," "Casa de mi Padre," "Crank: High Voltage” to name just a few of his long list of credits. Most recently Efren has appeared in the HBO MAX series "Made For Love". 

After four uber-successful Toy Story films, audiences will now be introduced to a new version of Buzz Lightyear in Pixars Lightyear” which is the story of the man who inspired the iconic action figure that was originally voiced by Tim Allen. In this story, Buzz (Chris Evans) is a space ranger who lives for intergalactic adventure and leads a team of recruits in a fight against invaders.

And you might ask yourself (because I did) why the creative team felt a need to replace a voice” talent and what director Angus MacLane explained was that they were looking for the character to have more gravitas. 

Of that decision to bring a new voice to Buzz, director Angus MacLane explained, Buzz was a side character in Toy Story and was a little goofier and a little more of comedic relief. For Buzz, the main character needed a little more gravitas, a little more vulnerability, and needed to be funny but not in a goofy way that would undercut the drama. Chris embodied all of those things.”

We caught up with the very puckish Efren Ramirez and although our conversation was less than five minutes it was a delightful five minutes. Ramirez currently resides in Los Angeles and New York and when he isnt filming, he is spinning records as a guest D.J. in clubs across the country. He has published his first book DIRECT YOUR OWN LIFE and has participated in a USO TOUR visiting our troops in Bahrain, UAE, Dubai, and Africa.  He frequently speaks to students at high schools and universities.

Heres what he had to share about lending his voice to the character Diazin Pixar’’s Lightyear’ which blasts into theaters on June 17.

NEW YORK AMSTERDAM NEWS: I am so happy for you. This is big stuff, Efren. 

EFREN RAMIREZ: Thank you. Ive been a fan of [the film] Toy Story” for a long time but I could never imagine that I could be a part of it. 

AMN: I can imagine. It wasnt too long ago Hollywood didnt care two figs about diversity or inclusion. 

EF: Im fortunate. How fortunate, am I?

AMN: I dont know. How fortunate are you? Curious, whats the voice-over process look like for an actor? Short? Long? 

EF: When it comes to animation and technology you are working throughout a number of numbers so you really have to understand, not only the character but the arch of the character(s) throughout the story. 

AMN: Efren.

EF: Yes.

AMN: You are amazing as Diazin Pixars LightYear” that blasts into theaters June 17, you big kid — you!

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