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Friday, May 5, 2023

Check this swimsuit from Shapellx it prides itself on creating sustainable and high-quality products



Summer is fast approaching, and for many women, the idea of trying on a swimsuit can be a source of anxiety. However, Shapellx, a women's everyday shapewear brand, is offering a variety of swimsuit designs that flatter all body types while boosting confidence.

Shapellx prides itself on creating sustainable and high-quality products to enhance women's self-esteem. Their ultimate goal is to create a world where women can feel confident expressing their unique beauty and reshaping their lives.

According to Shane Shi, General Manager & Marketing Director for Shapellx, their shapewear covers up weak spots while flattering other areas, making it the ultimate confidence booster. They believe that everyone deserves to look and feel pretty, regardless of size.

One of their must-have swimsuits for this summer is the Smart Sculpt Plunge Cutout Swimsuit. Its plunge cutout and cross-back design provide a chic and confident look while the slimming effect creates a smooth silhouette. Available in black and brown, it is priced at $78.

Another popular design is the Smart Sculpt Ruched Front Swimsuit, available in blue and black for $78. The ruching detail hugs curves and enhances natural shapes, and the fabric is lightweight and breathable, providing comfort throughout the day.

Both swimsuits have a mid-compression inner power mesh panel for 360-degree comfortable tummy-smoothing, side-coverage to eliminate overspill, and fixed, no-dig wide straps for maximum chest support. They also have removable chest pads and can be worn as a base bodysuit.


Shapellx has over 8,000 brand ambassadors and grows rapidly each year. Their mission is to provide a solution for every outfit in every closet, allowing women to express their unique style and reveal their true selves to the world. Visit their website to see their collection of shapewear and swimsuits.

In honor of Love Your Thighs Day on April 27th, 2023, and Beautiful in Your Skin Month in June, Shapellx encourages women to love their bodies and feel confident in their skin. And what better way to celebrate than with a flattering swimsuit from Shapellx? The first day of summer is on June 21st, 2023, so be sure to check out their collection before hitting the beach.

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