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Wednesday, November 8, 2023

THE NEW SAVANT Candle Collection: Where Creativity and Craftsmanship

Discover the Unforgettable Aromas of 

THE NEW SAVANT Candle Collection: Where Creativity and Craftsmanship Converge! 🔥✨

In the heart of a New York City kitchen, a revolutionary candle collection was born, redefining the very essence of scented candles. 

Meet THE NEW SAVANT, a brainchild of the creative powerhouse duo, Ingrid Nilsen and Erica Anderson. Their story is not just about candles; it's a testament to boldness, creativity, and celebrating individuality.

Ingrid Nilsen, the Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, brings her lifelong creative spirit to the forefront. After a decade-long career in content creation, she found her way back to her roots as a candlemaker, infusing each creation with her passion and imagination. 

Erica Anderson, the Co-founder and CEO, hails from a background at the intersection of tech and media, embodying the spirit of disruption and innovation.

From their Brooklyn studio, THE NEW SAVANT has crafted over 35,000 candles, gaining a cult status through word-of-mouth and exceptional craftsmanship, sans any advertisements. Their candles are more than just wax and wick; they are a celebration of uniqueness and curiosity, reflecting the essence of the self-made path in life.

One of their standout creations, the Mixed Feelings Candle, embodies this celebration of diverse heritage and identity. Crafted to perfection, it combines the comforting aroma of steamed rice with delicate florals, succulent fruits, rich wood, and soothing incense. This unique blend captures a universal sense of nostalgia, earning it a perfect ten out of ten.

THE NEW SAVANT continues to weave captivating stories with their scents, offering a glimpse into different cultures and emotions. Stay tuned for our reviews on other intriguing fragrances like California Christmas, Only in New York, Girl in a Sweater, and The Usual, as we explore the world of scent through their remarkable creations.

For those who want to support LGBTQ+ in their everyday world think about The New Savant’s “Sapphics in the City.” 

It comes in a silver jar wrapped in a soft pink label that explains the candle’s inspirations, including femme identity, lesbian pulp fiction, and Ms. Nilsen’s favorite cocktail, the rosy-hued Clover Club.

The notes are muddled raspberries and spicy chili peppers.

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