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Monday, January 15, 2024



Prada announces the US launch of Prada Skin and Prada Color. Since 1913, Prada has been creating dialogue and challenging conventions, signaling new changes with radical elegance, intellectual purity, and unrestricted creative experimentation.

Today, Prada rethinks beauty. Reimagining existing definitions and expectations, Prada proposes a free-thinking, avant-garde vision of beauty activated by tech and creativity. Skin and Color are redefined through their intention, characterization, and expression to open new perspectives and possibilities of self-reinvention that is timeless, yet always evolving.

Across both categories, skin-conscious and potent formulas are encased in minimal yet sophisticated packaging that is unmistakably Prada. Developed with refillability as a key pillar from the start, the product design presents one Prada Beauty experience that brings together codes of luxury, functionality, and responsibility in its intention and execution.



To communicate a vision that bridges the IRL and URL dimensions, Prada has appointed two official brand talents: Global Creative Makeup Artist Lynsey Alexander and Global Creative E-Makeup Artist Ines Alpha to create an enriching creative dialogue, exploring the apex of real and digital life as it relates to Skin and Color. Palettes and communication are realized through collective intelligence, signalling the first time a major fashion brand has worked with a physical and digital artist to realize a beauty collection. The two “phygital” (physical + digital) brand makeup artists play an integral part of color development, using their vision and expertise to reinforce brand uniqueness.


Prada rethinks Skin through the lens of adaptation as the new performance. Built on the purpose of helping skin adapt as fast as the environment changes, the Skin range from cleanser to foundation provides instant and over-time care. The skin’s ability to renew, regenerate, and reinforce itself is augmented with Prada's Smart Technology, a multi-potent complex that helps skin adapt to its environment in real-time.


Prada Color rethinks self-reinvention as the new self-expression. An invitation to explore all the shades of you, the Color range covering eyes and lips offer maximal expression with minimal effort from versatile fashion-curated colors and smart textures. The lipsticks provide two perspectives on matte, inspired by the ubiquitous mattified lips seen on Prada runways since the brand’s first Ready-to-Wear show in 1988. Drawing from the Prada fashion archive that holds 27,000 textiles and patterns, the eyeshadow palettes showcase an unexpected curation of pigments in dynamic finishes.

Prada Skin online at and, in-store at Nordstrom in February 2024, and at Bloomingdale’s in March 2024.

Prada Color online at, and, in-store at Sephora and Nordstrom in February 2024, and at Bloomingdale’s in March 2024.

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