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Tuesday, February 13, 2024

AI, VR Tech-Backed Music Video by Sri Lankan-born Musician Janaka Selekta, Debuts

"Project Chimera" - the code name of the music video for the single, Piya DnB - dropped today on YouTube by Sri Lankan-born musician-producer Janaka Selekta. The vision for the music video was to utilize Unreal Engine and an LED wall for in-camera visual effects to create a Cyberpunk World influenced by pop culture and iconography from the Indian subcontinent, and mixed with multiple forms of Indian classical dance.

Selekta, renowned for
 sculpting cutting-edge sonics and hard-hitting beats, collaborated with independent production company FearlessProductions.TV, which utilized advanced technologies such as AI, virtual production, and volumetric filming to save time and accelerate the entire creative process.

Founder of FearlessProductions.TV, Snehal Patel, who is a seasoned filmmaker, teamed up with strategic partners to create a cutting-edge shoot using AI and the best tools available to filmmakers for virtual production.

Patel elaborates, “I wanted to do something unique. Since this world [in Piya DnB] had not been seen before, it had to be created. And since we were working with a limited budget, I used the tools that were available to make it happen.”

Patel, who also directed 
Piya DnB, brought on board virtual production Producer, Tom Thudiyanplackal who had just completed the virtual production for the Will.I.Am music video, Let’s Go. Frieder Hochheim, the founder of the lighting company, Kino Flo, which recently released a new system called "Mimik" was the first company to back Patel’s vision of a Bollywood-style cyberpunk music video shot entirely on an LED stage. The team created concept art for a world that had never been seen before - a cyberpunk city, influenced by Mumbai using AI generative tools.

The FearlessProductions team also felt the need to educate people on using AI and virtual technologies in content production. They recently participated in educational panels at Comic Con LA and the Society of Cinematographers. They plan to participate in upcoming trade shows, including NAB, and present live demos to educate filmmakers on how to shoot and light on an LED wall, using the latest technology with experts in virtual production.

Although AI helped measurably, Patel feels it's the human touch that still rules. Says Patel, “Ultimately, AI helped us accelerate the parts of the workflow that would usually take a tremendous amount of time and are extremely laborious. And yet, AI cannot replace creativity, only influence.


Above Photo: Poster of Piya DnB. Courtesy: FearlessProductions.TV


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