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Friday, May 10, 2024

PRADA BEAUTY — Beyond the Launch: How Will Beauty Brands Embrace True Inclusivity?

PRADA BEAUTY — Beyond the Launch: How Will Beauty Brands Embrace True Inclusivity?

Is Prada Beauty's makeup line inclusive enough for Black and Brown consumers?  The price tag is hefty but is the sleek packaging enough?  Is there a high-quality formula behind the launch and more to the first point raised, as it relates to the foundation, is there enough diversity for the BIPOC beauty community. 

Since 1913, the iconic Italian fashion house has curated amazing fashion pieces and runway shows, and with their foray into beauty, you expect nothing but excellence and innovation. 

Enter Prada's makeup line which, according to the marketing materials, offers a range of inclusive shades for all skin tones. The Prada Reveal Skin Optimizing Foundation comes in 33 shades starting with light, medium, medium-deep, and continuing with deep coverage options. 

This foundation boasts a matte finish and promises a flawless look and will most likely expand, in the future, with a wider variety of undertones which is a challenge for BIPOC consumers.

In testing The Prada Reveal Skin Optimizing Foundation all I will confess is that “I am shook” which means, Dn70 of Prada Reveal left me looking flawless with perfect skin. As they like to say in the beauty industry “your skin but better” — and at a price tag of $70 it delivers. 

Now for the lips. There are two types of lipsticks to choose from: 13 shades of hyper-matte lipsticks with a luminous finish and 13 shades of soft-matte buildable lipsticks with a more diffused finish. Both are inspired by Prada's signature materials, with the hyper-matte mimicking Saffiano leather and the soft-matte echoing the brand's iconic nylon. The only value, to be honest, is you are left with a stunning lipstick case which is stunning. 

They also offer eye-shadow palettes offer a variety of finishes, from satin to shimmering.

Skincare with adaptogenic technology is part of Prada's skincare line which includes a foaming cleanser, micro-peel essence, serum, and gel-to-balm moisturizer. All products are formulated with a trademarked smart technology, which claims to allow the product to respond to the skin's individual needs based on the environment. The cleanser is $95, the essence $135, the serum $410, and the moisturizer $390.

The tools are not only highly functional they are aesthetically pleasing and include the Prada Foundation Optimizing Brush (brilliant), to help you achieve a flawless application.  

Overall, Prada's beauty line is a luxurious and high-quality offering, with a solid range of makeup shades and innovative skincare products. While the skincare line is on the pricier side, the makeup offers a more accessible price point, especially considering the refillable packaging.

Inclusion matters and our community flexes dollars with our buying power (in the U.S.) 

estimated to grow to a staggering $1.8 trillion this year. This is a significant market segment that beauty brands can't afford to ignore. It's clear that inclusivity is not just a social responsibility; it's a smart business decision.

Many new beauty brands fail to offer a diverse range of color options for BIPOC consumers. This raises the question: are there not enough executives of color or consultants involved in the decision-making process? In a capitalist society, shouldn't corporations be eager to capture every available market?

The lack of inclusivity isn't just about missing out on profits. It sends a message of exclusion to a significant portion of the population. True representation matters – it empowers consumers and builds brand loyalty.

Prada's beauty line is a new chapter, and its approach to inclusivity will be a story worth following. By keeping an eye on shade range expansion, marketing campaigns, collaborations, and even internal company culture, we can see if their commitment goes beyond the initial launch. True inclusivity is a journey, not a destination, and Prada's dedication to this journey will be the key to its success in the diverse beauty market.

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