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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

A Cultural Re: Evolution, Hispanic Opinion Tracker (HOT)

Hispanic Opinion Tracker (HOT) Study: A Cultural Re:Evolution

Afro-Latinos are a major part of the Hispanic culture. In the current issue of People en Español the information compiled in A Cultural Re: Evolution, the newest insights from its Hispanic Opinion Tracker (HOT) Study - the longest-running nationally representative study of Latinas in the U.S. most certainly respresent that fact. 

In 2014, the HOT study looked at the millennial Latina with an emphasis on beauty. In 2016, with Latinas@Work, professional Latinas shared their experiences in the workplace. For the eighteenth year of the study, A Cultural Re:Evolution surveyed nearly 1,000 Latinas age 18-64 representing a broader slice of the Latina spectrum across age and acculturations with a focus on mothers, millennials and working women. 

"With this study we wanted to examine how the current socio-political climate - with conversations around DACA, immigration reform, #MeToo, #TimesUp and other important movements - has impacted the modern Latina's perception of her place in American society," said People en Español Brand Sales Director Monique Manso. "This study illustrates just how significant career has become in her overall set of priorities, as she's become more than ever a confident, career-minded woman, and represents a demographic of young leaders who don't want to be bound by overwhelming stereotypes and pre-conceived notions."

A Cultural Re:Evolution reveals that U.S. Latinas have reached the tipping point where professional identity takes precedence over other roles in Latinas' lives and represent a new chapter in the evolution of a complex woman who is at the forefront of a cultural, political and generational shift. 

Key findings from A Cultural Re:Evolution are as follows:
  • 86% of Latina millennials feel good about work and that in their career, her culture is an asset versus a potential hindrance as seen past studies.
  • 53% of Latinas are the first to go to college in families with a long history of change (immigration, etc.). Their entire family supports their success as part of a widespread belief that education is the key to success.
  • 38% of Latinas see financial worry as a top stressor, as the Latina is the main breadwinner in the household that's often multigenerational. 
  • 71% of Latina Moms and 74% of millennial Moms believe that raising their children to be bicultural gives them an advantage.
"The study's findings resonated with me and inspired me to bring together my colleagues to dive deeper into how the results mirror our own experiences and current personal and professional day-to-day lives," said People En Español and People Chica Digital Executive Editor Shirley Velasquez. "It's important for us to use this research as an opportunity to voice our truths and initiate important conversations."

A Cultural Re:Evolution was commissioned by People en Español in partnership with Stephen Palacios, Partner & Principal at Ahzul with Lieberman Research Worldwide. People en Español aims to use this industry-leading research to help inform its content and marketing strategies and to support its brand partners across industries to better understand the behaviors, needs, and mindset of today's Latina in their efforts to design strategic marketing campaigns that can reach this valuable target audience.

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