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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

‘Stalker’ A Clever Script. A Solid Movie. Well Done, Tyler Savage.


‘Stalker’ A Clever Script 

The new indie film “Stalker” directed by Tyler Savage and co-wrote the screenplay with Dash Hawkins is surprisingly likable. 

In many ways, there’s something old-fashioned but deeply satisfying about this no-nonsense thriller and that’s because the screenplay is rather, clever and utterly clear. In short, the team understands the essential elements of storytelling. 

Here’s the story. Andrew (Vincent Van Horn) is starting his life over in Los Angeles after a challenging breakup with his partner, Erin (Landry Allbright). Despite his effort, he’s still haunted by her memory and most evenings, the love-sick man can’t help but check up on her via her Instagram and his saved photos, unable (or, unwilling) to let go of their past. We feel for him. I mean who hasn’t been stuck in that particular part of break-up hell?

Then, on one lonely night in LA, he meets Sam (Christine Ko) in of all places, a bar. Don’t judge. He’s lonely, remember, and to his surprise, they connect and spend time actually watching a movie and just cuddling (no funny business). Could this be true love? Of course, Sam has just ended her own love affair, so her understanding of what a broken heart needs pulls them together, pushing them to find a new path, together. Oh, LA you match-maker, you!

Now, LA is not without her drama, and on the same fateful night that Andy met Sam, he also connected with an equally lonely uber driver, Roger (Michael Lee Joplin), who just “happens” to bump into him at the bar one night. A few drinks down, they seem to have a good time but Roger won’t stop calling Andy and soon he starts messing with Andy’s life in unexpected ways: installing hidden cameras, impersonating him on phone calls, and then the unthinkable, threatening his dog. Naturally, Andy doesn’t want to alarm Sam but the situation slowly collides. 

Kudos to director Savage who delivers a suspenseful film making sure he doesn’t miss an opportunity to ratching up the tension. Although the actors are all solid there is something that stands out, in a positive way with Joplin who paints the character, Roger is an interesting mosaic of behavior most would classify as psychopathic.

It’s hard to say more about “Stalker” because you don’t want to spoil the plot twists and welcome surprises.  I will offer this. Pay attention to the fabric of the themes that are beautifully exposed. This creative team understands suspense. They understand the value of having an audience genuinely care for the lead characters. Of course, in pushing the buttons of our emotions we realize we are moving toward our own version of heartbreak but that’s why we love suspenseful films like “Stalker” we know the end will be gruesome for someone in the story but we still hold out hope. A lot like life. 

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