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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

KAFOU and Tezen a Haitian crime comedy?

The Caribbean Film Series presents
and Tezen
June 5th - 7:30pm
at BAM Rose Cinemas

KAFOU” is that rarity, and more1

Shirley Bruno’s short film “Tezen"

A Haitian crime comedy?  

Yes, “KAFOU” is that rarity, and more.  Echoing mainstream films like “Fargo” and Antoine Fuqua’s “Dope,” in “Kafou” two very inexperienced felons, Doc and Zoe, are tasked with delivering a bound and gagged man to an exact location.  They are given three very concrete instructions: 1. Don’t open the windows, 2. Don’t open the trunk, and 3. Don’t stop the car, for any reason. And when they break all these rules, comedic and harrowing experiences ensue to the end.
Director Bruno Mourral, delivers an audacious blend of buddy comedy and neo-noir, by turns both darkly funny and unnerving.  Yet this dark journey is also very spiritual – kafou, is voodoo for where worlds intersect and meet the ‘invisible’ world. As FilmThreat.com’s Hunter Lanier remarks, “Whether it’s a cruise down the river Styx or just a couple of guys in a Nissan trying to make a buck, “Kafou is a trip worth taking.”

Haitian filmmaker Shirley Bruno’s short film “Tezen,” precedes “Kafou,” and also deals with the incorporeal.  Inspired by folklore, a young woman becomes entranced by a spirit which provides her, and her family, pure water.  Her family devours the delicious water until they begin to suspect the origin of its taste. In this poetic film starring all non-actors from one family, Third Horizon’s Jonathan Ali, says, it possesses a “mythic, dreamlike quality.”

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