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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

THE EDGE OF DEMOCRACY on Netflix and in Select Theaters June 19, 2019

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"Riveting. Provides an authoritative overview of recent Brazilian history, revealing the way it is also closely woven into [Costa's] own family story. The result is a heartfelt lament for the short-lived dream of democracy in Brazil. Costa's use of news footage, tapes of incriminating conversations that were made public and acts of self-serving betrayal gives THE EDGE OF DEMOCRACY the feel of an ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN-style political thriller. Further revelations about her own family and the allegiances of earlier generations turn that aspect of the story into something with the sweep of THE GODFATHER."
Alan Hunter, Screen International

"Vast and intimate. It's both a huge national story (a tragedy to many) and its the story of a family that saw its dream fulfilled and now sees its dream slipping away. Costa captures the currents of history as seen in the private, human moments. The echoes are unmistakable, and the story is international. A powerful document of a wave of nationalism sweeping both Europe and the Americas in recent years."
Steve Pond, The Wrap

Releasing Globally on Netflix and in Select Theaters June 19, 2019
Directed by Petra Costa (Elena)


SYNOPSIS | A cautionary tale for these times of democracy in crisis - the personal and political fuse to explore one of the most dramatic periods in Brazilian history. Combining unprecedented access to leaders past and present, including Presidents Dilma Rousseff and Lula da Silva, with accounts of her own family's complex past, filmmaker Petra Costa (ELENA) witnesses their rise and fall and the tragically polarized nation that remains.

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