Friday, December 4, 2020


It’s the Holiday season — and although 2020 will go down on record as one of the most challenging periods in America’s histories we’ve learned how to find joy in unexpected places. 

Here are a few ideas for great Holiday gifts this year.  The companies with an * are African-American owned and operated.


The new Nest Audio is a simple, soft design with a comfortable price of 

$99.99, it’s one of the best bargains this season. Integrated into the fabric at the top of the speaker are three capacitive touch zones for volume up and down and play/pause, a 75mm (three-inch) woofer, and a 19mm (0.75-inch) tweeter, providing much fuller, clearer sound. — A+


Looks and feels like writing on paper. The battery lasts two weeks in daily use; three months in standby mode. Palm rejection while writing is seamless. Charges via USB-C, as all things should. Generous return policy. reMarkable 2 isn't meant to take the place of your computer. The device is thin—remarkably so, measuring just 4.7 millimeters. That's more than a millimeter thinner than the iPad Pro. It also weighs less than a pound and features a lovely, paperlike 10.3-inch display. Writing is seamless. Simply scrawl away with its dedicated stylus and your thoughts are recorded digitally, leaving you free to keep writing and never worry about running out of pages. For the holidays the company is currently bundling those two accessories with the reMarkable 2 tablets, Marker stylus ($49), or the Folio ($69) case. — A+

Negris LeBrum is an African American Owned, American runway collection that is a regular participant in NYFW. Designed by Creative Director and Founder, Travis Hamilton, Negris LeBrum was inspired by a love story that began during the 1940s, between a young beautiful French Creole woman and a handsome man. Although their love was forbidden by societal difficulties, these individuals were brought together by a force that was greater than both of them and through fashion, their love story is being told to the world. @ negris_lebrum n#negrislebrum #negrisestjoli A+ *

* ARDOR BIN s a luxury candle brand founded by African-American entrepreneur, Latrice Littleton their candles are made with the highest quality of all-natural coconut/soy wax blend, elegantly crafted fragrances, and sustainable wood wicks. Inspired by the redolent scents of nature, Ardor Bin's exquisite line of natural botanical candles are designed to add a touch of warmth and tranquility to any living space. B

FORMULA 10.0.6

What better way to get us ready for holidays than the smell of peppermint? You’ll find that and other favorite scents and body care essentials in the brand’s line that are perfect for stocking stuffers too. Mix and match to create a self-care gift. As a 4th generation family-owned company, their guiding philosophy at Formula 10.0.6 has remained rock solid: support troublesome skin with products that are gentle yet powerful and harness the benefits of nature’s best ingredients all at an incredible value.

Price: $10.00+ Available at: A

HORA SKINCARE has relaunched for the holiday with a decorated ornament and inside an exclusive ornament will include their mini combo set; Super Serum + CBD and Overnight Exfoliating Mask + CBD.

Emerging Heroes 

Emerging Heroes is produced in New York using a boutique factory and an all-female production staff. The collection is produced in small batches to ensure that each product meets  stringent guidelines to maintain a tight supply chain and a commitment to limiting waste. The factory is dedicated to the artistry of the brand and implements the utmost diligence in executing designs. Careful attention is exercised to make sure every item is constructed to  A +



The ultimate stocking stuffers can be found at Monkey Business, making people happy since 1994. Some of their best-sellers are the Blue Bear family ice packs, Karoto 2 carrot peeler, your garnish will never be the same again (plastic and steel blades), Farfalle shaped silicone for gripping hot handles in the kitchen, CONCHIGLIE

Lemon squeezer, designed for maximum juice, it prevents eye-squirts and also strains the seeds so they don’t get in the food and their PENNELI Garlic peeler. A silicone garlic peeler that peels cloves quickly and easily by rolling them in the oversized penne tube. Buon appetito! A+


Founder-invented scents like Cinderose, a union of rose and smoke, and Gardener, a compilation of tomato vine and honeysuckle, wrap traditionally masculine scents in a prettier bouquet. Burn up expectations, release clear intentions. The candles are hand-poured in a reusable glass vessel and hand-labeled in Los Angeles, California. 

Currently carried in over 300 retail locations worldwide, with 16 original scents, votive sets, and 4 Unmentionables styles. Boy Smells for everyone. A+

TownBamboo is dedicated to offering premium bamboo products that pay homage to the beautiful bamboo forests of Damyang in South Korea. They believe in sustainability and the preservation of the beautiful forest. Constantly changing their fragrances and keeping things produced in small batches, this is one of the best candles on the market, today. A+

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