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Summer 2021, and it's time to walk boldly into a new fragrance experience, and I suggest ANGEL nova, the captivating, Eau de Parfum created from the thrilling fusion of a deliciously fruity scent, an exclusive MUGLER rose, and powerful, modern wood. The dazzling combination of pleasure and self-affirmation, thanks to a Fruity Floral Woody Eau de Parfum.

Delicious is a great word to describe Angel Nova. It has three keynotes of raspberry, rose, and akigalawood. Naturally, there are other supporting ingredients but it is predominantly the three, aforementioned.

The overdose of Raspberry notes brings color and life to the WONDER facet. Overtones of sweetness are combined with lychee notes for a fruity addiction, making it impossible not to radiate and blush with joy. 

The alliance between nature and innovation creates ultimate femininity. The Damask rose is enhanced by a double extraction to obtain an intoxicating natural rose, mixed with a new, supernatural rose essence created from upcycling* and biotechnology. A textured and sensual MUGLER rose. 

A woody structure of Akigalawood and Benzoin provides contrast and an assertive personality. The vibrant Akigalawood is combined with the enticing and captivating benzoin, adding power and presence to the fragrance. AN EXCLUSIVE CO-CREATION created by three perfumers, this captivating fragrance reflects each of their personalities: it is worn with the passion of Sonia Constant, who was able to create a new rose, inspired by Louise Turner’s vision of femininity, which provides it with a unique emotion, and intensified by the electric energy brought to life by Quentin Bisch. 

« Angel Nova is an iron fist in a velvet glove. It’s not just a rose, it’s an extravagant rose. » Sonia Constant 

« It’s a fragrance which seeks you out. For the heady note, it needed to be something that makes you smile, so naturally, raspberry came to mind. » Quentin Bisch 

« Akigalawood can’t be concealed. It’s quite an exuberant ingredient. » Louise Turner

The supernatural MUGLER rose comes from a double extraction combining classic distillation and biotechnology. The Damask roses carefully chosen for Angel Nova are distilled a first time: a classic procedure that generates natural residues that MUGLER is committed to recycling in a more eco-friendly approach. Now rid of their scent, the petals are adorned only by their color, and that is when a second extraction of the same petals, possible through biotechnological innovation, reveals a new scent. 

Upcycling, i.e. reusing the already-distilled rose petals, thus saving them from early destruction, has never been seen before in perfumery. This allows not only for the natural plant resource to be saved (one flower = two extracts), but also for the creation of an exclusive product with at least the same level of quality obtained from the residues of another production via enzymatic process – and not simply from harvesting. The brand owns the exclusive use of this revolutionary process for one year. 

Committed to her time, Toni Garrn portrays a heroine who recreates reality with her boundless imagination. The German actress and model perfectly embody the Angel Nova dream: stunning, confident, powerful, and in charge of her own destiny, Garrn seeks to accomplish her dream and support other young women in achieving theirs. In 2016, she created the Toni Garrn Foundation, a not-for-profit organization with the goal of defending the rights and integration of young girls in Sub-Saharan Africa, with the help of bursaries and education programs. 

« I want to tell everyone to believe in their dreams. You need to believe in yourself. Everything is possible. That’s what I say to young girls in Africa. » Toni Garrn

Now, how long does Angel Nova last? I experienced a 10-12 hour longevity.

Here are my suggestions on how to get the best out of all of your scents.

Step 1

Spray your wrist. First, you’ll notice the delicate “top notes”. These tiny molecules will quickly evaporate after 5 to 10 minutes.

Step 2

As the fragrance develops on your skin, the “heart notes” will emerge after 5 to 10 minutes. This is really the heart and personality of the fragrance.

Step 3

Now, come back to your wrist in 45 minutes, and you’ll notice those softer, deeper “base notes.” These are soulful notes that will stay on your sweater or scarf for days. 

To go further, write down notes for each to remember your favorites, what they remind you of, and how they make you feel. 

Self love. 

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