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Saturday, September 9, 2023

Scentbird This Week: Four New Scents

Scentbird is made for fragrance lovers. My goal is to review every scent that's offered. A treat. For me. Once a month I'm sharing with you readers.  

Love pistachio then DS & Durga Pisactio perfume is for you. It’s an elegant, nutty fragrance that evokes the fun of a pistachio. 
Savor the Michel Germain Sugarful is a tropical, fruity, with delectable notes of pineapple and agave.
Berries and spice, you’ll smell so nice with the Eau de Juice from Pure Sugar. This sweet summery scent is deliciously irresistible with notes of wild strawberry and grapefruit.
Your local coffee shop is bottled up into the Vanilla Sky by Skylar perfume. The aroma smells exactly like your local coffee shop with notes of cappuccino. 

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