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Saturday, September 9, 2023

"Mickey Hardaway” - an indie film by Marcellus Cox

I've developed a genuine fondness for Marcellus Cox, the writer-director behind "Mickey Hardaway” he has the drive and that’s half the battle. In a personal email exchange, he reached out to me, requesting my review of his film. During our correspondence, I made it explicitly clear that I approach my critiques with honesty, and Cox welcomed this candid perspective. It's evident that Cox possesses the potential to ascend to the ranks of first-rate directors. His talent for framing shots is commendable, and his choices in composition are intriguing. However, my primary concern stems from the narrative's lack of depth.

The challenge is in the writing.  I understand. The struggle is real. As a fellow writer, I empathize with the struggles inherent in storytelling. 

Adapted from Cox's own short film, the narrative thrusts a spotlight on the repercussions of domestic abuse, while also embarking on an exploration of African-American masculinity. At its heart, the story follows Mickey Hardaway, portrayed by Rashad Hunter, an artist in the throes of therapy to confront the traumatic abuse he endured under his father's oppressive rule during his formative years. Grace (Ashley Parchment), his girlfriend, introduces the concept of therapy, propelling Mickey into a tumultuous emotional journey, uncovering the weight of his suppressed feelings. Navigating trauma-related themes within contemporary cinema is undeniably complex.

The character of Dr. Cameron (Stephen Cofield Jr.) attempts to provide Mickey with constructive guidance, standing in stark contrast to his father's violent and abusive demeanor (David Chattam). Through these therapeutic sessions, Mickey confronts haunting memories of verbal and physical torment and reflects on his mother's (Gayla Johnson) inability to alter their home's distressing environment. The only glimmer of compassion emerges from his art teacher (Dennis LA White), a source of solace that arrives with its own set of repercussions.

While the film manages to stay generally on course, there are moments when its pacing falters, posing a minor concern. However, a crucial issue lies in the film's excessive length – a substantial trimming of approximately 15 to 20 minutes, or even more, could have substantially heightened its impact. Given its roots in Cox's short film, maintaining a concise structure might have been a more suitable approach. The challenge of extending it into a compelling three-act feature is accentuated by the narrative's lack of substantial content. Despite these critiques, I hold great admiration for Marcellus Cox's debut directorial venture. His potential is unmistakably discernible, and I hold a strong belief in his capacity to refine his artistry. The promise inherent in his work is unmistakable, and I commend his audacious approach. A hearty congratulations on the successful culmination of "Mickey Hardaway," as they often express in the cinematic realm.

"Mickey Hardaway" is available for streaming on Apple TV+, Prime Video, and various other platforms.

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