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Monday, September 11, 2023

The 1/52 Project Announces 2023 Recipients

Costume designer Mika Eubanks

The 1/52 Project Announces 2023 Recipients: Nurturing Emerging Talent in Broadway Design

Diversity and inclusion are only helpful when it comes to action. Anything less is for public relations reasons, to get "ink" as we say in the biz. 

So it's nice to see that the 1/52 Project has stepped up and provided a financial grant program founded by Tony Award-winning set designer Beowulf Boritt, and it has unveiled its 2023 recipients. 

Seven early-career designers will benefit from $88,000 in grants, which are aimed at fostering emerging talent within the professional theatrical field.

The selection process for this grant considered factors such as talent, creativity, innovation, and the potential for future excellence in the theater industry. Each of the seven inaugural recipients will receive grants of up to $15,000, providing invaluable support as they embark on their creative journeys in theater.

The Award Reception is scheduled for Wednesday, September 27, at West Bank Café's Beechman Theatre, sponsored by Hudson Scenic Studio.

The 2023 recipients represent a diverse and talented group of early-career designers, each poised to make a significant impact in their respective fields:

Lighting designer Ebony M. Burton

Ebony M. Burton

Lighting designer Mextly Couzin

Mextly Couzin

Costume designer Mika Eubanks

 Mika Eubanks

Costume designer Wilberth González

Wilberth González

Sound designer Kathy Ruvuna

Kathy Ruvuna

Scenic designer Gerardo Díaz Sánchez

Gerardo Díaz Sánchez

Hair/Wigs/Makeup designer Destinee Steele

Destinee Steele

The 1/52 Project, launched in January 2022, derives its primary funding from generous contributions by designers with shows running on Broadway. These designers are encouraged to donate one week's worth of their weekly royalties each year to support the fund. The project's overarching mission is to foster and uplift early-career designers from historically excluded groups, including women, with the ultimate goal of diversifying and strengthening the Broadway design community.

Beowulf Boritt, the visionary behind The 1/52 Project, expressed his excitement about this year's recipients, saying, "We are thrilled to support these exceptionally talented designers on their journeys. The theater industry thrives on innovation, creativity, and diversity, and we are proud to contribute to its growth by nurturing the next generation of designers."

With the support of The 1/52 Project, these gifted designers are poised to bring fresh perspectives and groundbreaking ideas to the world of Broadway, ensuring that the magic of theater continues to captivate and inspire audiences for generations to come.

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