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Monday, February 14, 2022

Writer & director Meleeka Clary's "Three Corners of Deception" now playing

IS THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM GOOD?  “Three Corners of Deception,” asks the question.

Yikes. This new indie film “Three Corners of Deception” by writer & director Meleeka Clary is very, very, very, very bad and it’s not on purpose — at least I think it’s not on purpose. 

As much as I respect the energy of “get it done” (and, I do) I can not wrap my head around how poorly this film is executed. 

This is a female-led independent movie so respect to the ladies for being brave enough to make it happen but it makes vintage porn made in the early 60’s a better cinematic choice. Yes, it’s that bad.  

“Three Corners of Deception” is about a college law professor and an attorney, Dr. Meleeka Cary-Ghosh who falls in love over a Las Vegas Memorial Day weekend. 

What happens in Vegas…

Fueled by love these crazy kids get married and start a family and 

then she realizes that he’s not the man he's been pretending to be. The shocks and revelations about this “monster” keep coming throughout the divorce and child custody proceedings.

Here’s what’s surprising, director/writer and lead actress Meleeka Clary has worked in the film industry for years, so she should know better.  The screenplay is weak and the dialogue is bland. The cinematographer's work looks like this “film” is shot on high-definition video. The camera angles are baffling and the music choices don’t flow and are disruptive and misplaced and the sound levels are poorly mixed. 

Director/writer Meleeka Clary steps into the lead role — another mistake in the creation of this film.

“Three Corners of Deception” was screened at the Toronto Women Film Festival, and according to the press, notes won the festival’s Best Human Rights award for its exploration of human relationships forced into legal frameworks.

I struggled to find something creative about this film  — and except for the fact that these women got the movie made, I can’t find anything else to be proud about. 


Winner - Best Feature Film (2021) - Berlin International Film Festival. ARTE International, Meleeka Clary.

Winner - Best Director - Toronto International Women Film Festival (2021).  Meleeka Clary.

Bronze Award - Best Narrative Feature (2021) - International Independent Film Awards, Meleeka Clary.

Winner - Best Director - Medusa Film Festival (2021). Meleeka Clary.

Winner - Best of the Month (August 2021) - Royal Wolf Film Awards. August 2021


- Meleeka Clary (Dr. Meleeka Clary-Ghosh)

- Debra Danielsen (OB-GYN Doctor)

- Randy Bruce (Ray Caveman)

- Kristin Szczerbik (Attorney Susanna Libby)

- Shaun Diggs (Attoney Burt Owen)

- Benz Veal (Attorney Everett)

- Leslie Root (Rhea)

- Aprille Park (Lacy Gee)

- Tierza Scaccia (Obstetrician Nurse)

- Rodney Shaffer (Dr. Seymour Liar)

- Rita Hight (Judge Bachze)


- Director: Meleeka Clary

- Writer: Meleeka Clary

- Composers: Bostein, Meleesha Clary, Shawn Cornelius, Gaston A. Edmond & 8 more.

- Cinematographer: Will Garth

- Editor: Daniel Williams (edited by)

- Casting Directors: Masuka Clary, Gaston A. Edmond.

- Production Designers: Lakeisha Brown, Mekhail Cobb, Jasmine Smith


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