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Saturday, March 16, 2024

A REVIEW: Queen of Hearts Wandering Wonderland’s Wonders


Photo Caption: LEXXE, Madison Rose and PhillVonAwesome - Photo by Phillip Van Nostrand

Queen of Hearts

Wandering Wonderland’s Wonders

By Lindsey Root

Company XIV’s Queen of Hearts was a thrilling adventure! From the moment you walk into Theatre XIV you are immersed into the beautifully aesthetic world of Wonderland. The space is decorated to the highest degree creating beautiful tableaus filled with symbols and images that are connected to the story we all know and love by Lewis Carroll but in a new and exciting way. Amplifying the decor in gorgeous costumes (or lack thereof, in some cases), headpieces, and makeup are the bartenders, ushers, tarot card readers, etc. who are all performers in the show as well and as the audience absorbs every aspect of the experience, they are involved every step of the way.

The synergy between overall decor, costumes, and set design not only binds the storyline cohesively but also reinvents the classic version that is deeply ingrained in our pop culture. The “baroque, burlesque” spin was a welcomed new flair to the time-old tale, creating imagery and detail within this production that were incredible as each character had a new look, but remained immediately recognizable. I especially appreciated the little moments that subtly revived characters or images throughout the production, i.e. the Cheshire Cat’s tail displayed in a hidden corner or the White Rabbit voyeuring from time to time. And like the Rabbit, we watched Alice go through this journey that was a true delight with awe-inspiring aerial acts, beautiful voices, and thrilling dances. 

The performers within this show are exceedingly talented and Alice is animated and inviting as we follow her adventure. Despite having numerous captivating partners, Alice’s collaboration with the Queen of Hearts stood out as the highlight. For a moment, I even found myself trusting the Queen hoping for another deviation from the classic tale. However, the plot twisted as it always has and the dream world of Wonderland quickly became a nightmare from which Alice abruptly awoke to her reality and so did we.

Theatre XIVThéâtre XIV

383 Troutman St.

Brooklyn, NY 11237

March 1 to August 25 | Thurs-Sun at 8pm | 2 hours with 1 intermission



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