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Monday, December 4, 2023

Kayali’s newest perfume, ‘Eden Sparking Lychee,’


Certain fragrances transcend being considered new classics, and if that sounds like an oxymoron, my apologies, but I am struggling to find the correct way to describe Kayali’s newest perfume, ‘Eden Sparking Lychee,’ the 39 Eau de Parfum available only at Sephora. The only way to describe this new scent is floral, or rather a fruity floral, with key notes of Sparkling Lychee, Rose Damascena, and Vanilla Absolute. It’s a light, cheerful blend of the aforementioned lychee along with tart black currant and candied violet. It’s very long-lasting; as it dries down, warm notes of sugared amber, sweet vanilla, and sensual musk create a long-lasting and alluring scent trail.

This holiday season is the perfect excuse to step into the other magnificent fragrances under her brand, including Kayla’s Yum Pistachio Gelato, which is under the warm and spicy family of scents with a touch of sweet gourmands. The keynotes are Pistachio Gelato, Cotton Candy, and Whipped Cream. KAYALI's signature diamond-shaped bottles and opulent jeweled caps are inspired by Traditional Middle Eastern Oud bottles, this time featured as a playful, pastel green, frosted glass, topped with a matte white jewel cap for Yum Pistachio Gelato | 33 EDP Intense. The number 33 indicates the 33 rounds of formulations it took to achieve the perfect balance of warmth wrapped in sweetness.

The other fragrance that rocks is KAYALI VANILLA, which is under the warm and spicy scent family section, offering sweet gourmands with key notes of Vanilla Orchids, Tonga Absolute, and Amber Woods.

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